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Snow Lotus Lifitng Cream

Price €90.00
Moisturizing, firming and illuminating cream. Snow Lotus Lifting Cream offers a lifting effect through the key ingredient snow lotus, as well as...

Moisture Boost Vit + C Cream

Price €63.00
This super-luxe day cream strengthens and refines the skin. It also lights up the face with a red carpet glow. It contains 2% of vitamin C, an...
Skin care is not a specific practice with which you get immediate results and then forget about it completely. It is a process that takes time so that the effects that you obtain from the first days of application are maintained for a long time, providing health and beauty to your face.

Creams that adapt to the specific needs of each skin

While some cosmetic products may be generic, in the case of treatment creams we are referring to a solution that you must choose wisely to ensure that it is the one that your skin type needs. Treatment creams are not products for specific use and with a specific purpose (as is the case for example with cosmetics for the eye and lip contour or with anti-wrinkle products). They are a routine plan for skin care and therefore require adherence to a regular use plan. However, the concept of treatment creams is very broad and encompasses countless alternatives, from merely nourishing or moisturizing to solutions used to prevent the signs of skin aging. That is why what we highlight the most in this type of alternatives is not the product itself but the temporal aspect. When choosing a treatment cream it is especially important to know what the characteristics of your skin are and what conditions it is in. In short, answer this question: what do you need?

Types and uses of skin treatment creams

Once you are clear about the aspects that we have mentioned above, it is time to choose the most appropriate solution for your particular case. It can be said that treatment creams are like the basic cosmetic product that we should all have to provide well-being, health and beauty to the skin. So it is much more than a cream, a gel or a serum: it is a habit that you must incorporate into your daily routines. This habit can appear with the texture of a hydro-repairing gel-cream and suitable for all skin types, as a detox cream, as a firming fluid or as a mattifying oxygenating gel. The secret of its success is not only in the components of each of these products or in the regularity of its use but in the correct choice of each one of them. At Estética Lostao we will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate option.

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